Lalele Phytoactive Skincare strives to build and nourish a community with goals and morals in line
with the brand. A community that cherishes beauty in a more universal way, one that transcends
aesthetics and encompasses the beauty of the world around us as well as the beauty of life. We want
to work together to make people more beautiful, the world around them and the lives they live.

Formulated by global skincare expert Cornelia Zicu, Lalele PhytoActive Skincare is composed of
powerful, innovative and nutrient-dense plant and mineral ingredients, sourced globally from diverse
and environmentally clean regions. The luxurious products are developed from the ground up to
achieve unparalleled results while maintaining a totally natural formula that is paraben-free, has no
synthetic oils, is fragrance-free and is 100% recyclable. Balancing science and nature has been integral
in accomplishing our goals of developing the best natural products on the market. We searched the
entire world for the most innovative award winning natural ingredients and combined them with the
best version of their complimentary counterparts. Each ingredient was sought after from all corners of
the globe from the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest peaks. In doing so we were able to
develop complex formulas that solve the concerns for each major skin type but a product line that
simplified the beauty routine. Lalele Phytoactive Skincare was born.